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Jane Kronick
More fun than a barrel of witches
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The Warlock Brothers are easily the most powerful family in Hollywood. Richard is the industry's top movie producer. Drew is a Grammy-winning recording artist, whose concerts are known for their strange goings on. Adam is a writer for a popular television sitcom, who hides a checkered past. Justin, one of the hottest actors in Tinseltown, is better known for his star-studded romantic entanglements than his acting prowess.

Wealthy, attractive, and powerful, everything seems to be picture perfect for the Warlocks, until a tragic death in the family leads them to learn the true nature of their seemingly endless 'luck.' Could these affluent brothers be descended from actual warlocks? To protect their legacy, the Warlocks must combine their abilities to produce one very magical movie. And in Hollywood, nothing is ever what it seems.
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