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21 July 2011: USA Today, Dan Vergano
Race intensifies to $1,000 human gene machine
Personal genomics, medicine tailored to patient's particular genes, may have come a step closer to the $1,000 genome. And it is starting with Intel co-founder, Gordon Moore, the man behind the famed "Moore's Law" prediction of exponentially growing computer power. News of a low-cost semiconductor-based gene sequencing machine comes Wednesday in the journal Nature, reported by a team led by Jonathan Rothberg of Ion Torrent by Life Technologies in Guilford, Conn...more >
7 Oct. 2009 Discovery News, AFP
Human Genome Map Gets Redrawn
Scientists on Wednesday published the best-ever map of key variations across the human genome, an exploit aimed at honing the fight against inherited disease and gaining insights into our species' odyssey...more >
Danner Nash can make you the Ideal Human
He can make you more attractive, smarter, stronger, and faster than you ever thought you could be. This makes Danner the Most Wanted Man in the World. It also makes him the most dangerous

How far would you go to get everything your heart desires? After all, what doesn't kill you might make you stronger. But what makes you stronger, also might kill you . . .
At his fingertips, lies the technology to alter your genetic code.
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